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jsong0233@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 20:10:58

Hi Narasindo

Comments as follows:
Communication before the trip from day 1 to the day before after arrival in Medan was excellent. Queries were handled immediately without any delay.

The driver and guide were good especially to the assistant who had been very helpful with my mum.
No complaint for the meals except the second day nasi padang which were cold. For your future reference, Singaporeans are not used to have cold meals. They prefer piping hot meals or at least warm meals as some may have weak stomachs.

The hotels chosen were great.
Overall, the trip is good.
Thanks again Narasindo.

April 2015


Malcolm Axford

malaxford@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 20:09:28

Hi Narasindo,
We are now back in Medan preparing to leave tomorrow morning. We have a very successful trip. Everyone had a great time with some great wild life experiences of Elephants, Orangutans and many others.
Thank you from all of us,

April 2015


Bryan Moris

moris.bryan@telenet.be | 2016-11-25 20:08:31

Hello Narasindo,

We arrived the last minute that we could check in at the check in desk in the airport so we were verry lucky. (We drived 5 hours to the airport instead of 2 due to traffic jam.) But we arrived safe and in time in Amsterdam! Only our lugage is still in Jakarta because there went something wrong with the transfer. They will sent our lugage to us in a few days so normally it will be OK.
We want to thank you and the drivers (Welly and Iwan) for the good service, we really enjoyed the trip! We certainly will advise Narasindo tour to friends/family!
By the way, it was too kind of you for paying the rooms of our latest hotel in Malang. It was no problem for us for paying this by ourselves because Kampong tourist was a hotel that we suggested.

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,
Bryan and Natalie
Dec '14 - Jan '15


Sandra Delvers

s.delversmsc@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 20:07:45

Dear Narasindo,

We are only home for a couple of days now, so I haven't had the time yet to write a review for Tripadvisor and I don't have any pictures from the trip yet, but I want to plan a new trip (end of December) to Kalimantan/Borneo or to Sulawesi. I was wondering if you know some good tour operators which I can approach for our tour there.
We've had a great time in Sumatera with Lindung and Egi! Thanks for that! I'll send some pictures later!

The Netherlands
October 2014


Ferdi Pusters

ferdipusters@hotmail.com | 2016-11-25 20:06:53

Dear Narasindo,

Thank you for your services.We realy have enjoyed our trip also because of the good services of Mr Safii
Thank you again and we do hope we will see each other again in the nearest future for the next trip
I willintroduce your services to my friends

Best regards

The Netherland
April 2014



alyssang@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 20:05:37

Hi Narasindo,
Thanks for all the arrangements for my family throughout our stay in Medan. We had a pleasant stay and we enjoyed the chilly weather in Berastagi the most.
Also, thanks for arranging Sam to bring us around. He was kind and gave us insightful information of Medan.
Hope to engage your services again in our next trip here. Thanks again.

February 2104


Seth Yap

ymwyap@hotmail.com | 2016-11-25 20:04:48

Dear Narasindo,
I would like to take this brief opportunity to write this Thank You letter to you and your team at Narasindo Tours. You were always prompt and detailed in your responses and made me feel comfortable. We were really impressed with the high quality of service provided by the driver and also the fact that he was highly responsible and always present. I was expecting nothing more than just driving services but it turned out that the driver also made sure we were checked in at the hotels before leaving us.
The flight cancellation (which really unfortunately happened) was not a good thing, but we felt glad that we chose your company which not only stepped in to try and assist but also accommodated the flight timing changes. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to anyone who would be asking for recommendations when travelling to Medan.
Thanks once again,

February 2014



wanie.mnor@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 20:02:58

We are group of 5 from Malaysia who have visited Medan + Berastagi from the 6th - 9th March 2014..

We hooked up with Yusuf frm Narasindo by our frens who visits Medan last year..
Overall, we're satisfied with the itinerary done by Mr Yusuf.. everything was in order and awesome... we are lucky also to have Mr Joko as our tour guide .. so BIG THANKS to Mr Yusof coz provide us with a friendly and patience tour guide...
Everything well organized as wut Mr yusof has arranged for us..
The very best parts of this tour is the selections of food especially the restaurant.. coz we are very particular about foods it is not only about taste but about the hygiene and the environment.. proud to say, Mr Yusuf has selected a great and cozy place for us to dine.. SUPERB!!!!
We would like to take this opportunity, to say thanks to Mr Yusof especially.. and also our friendly n funny tour guide Mas Joko .. thanks for make our vacation amazing and full with happiness and sweetness.. we're looking forward to have ur service again ... god willing....
Guys ... they're recommended by us... if u interested with Narasindor pls look for Yusuf and ask for Mas Joko!!!!

Xoxo frm Malaysia,
Frm KL - wanie, ina & moon
Frm JB - fetty & maryam
March 2014


Deneen King

deneenking@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 20:01:28

Dear Narasindo,

What a great adventure that you planned for us in Sumatra. The driver, tour guides, and schedule were perfect and wonderfully organized. Comforting to know such great service is available in these remote areas!

Deneen and Dakota,
Portland OR USA
March 2014


Mr. Radzi / Firdaus

radzi_hasra@yahoo.com | 2016-11-25 20:00:28

first of all, i would like to say, a lot of thank you to Narasindo tours for the services that you provide for us during our trip to Yogjakarta from 27 Mac - 30 Mac.
all of us were very happy that you gave to us for all four days. friendly tour guide, nice and beautiful accommodation, comfortable transport, delicious food and other service that you provide to us.
Not only that, dealing with your marketing staff, Yusuff, that help us a lot before, and during our trip to Djogja. he is very helpful and easy to deal with and treat us well for four days tour.
with affordable price, we never expect to get this kind of service and it is a good experience for us and makes us to come and visit Indonesia again and for sure, we will choose Narasindo Tours as our main sources of package. we are very happy all the time. full day tour and shopping is the best part during
thank you and we hope that we can keep in touch again next time.

Mr. Radzi / Firdaus
March 2014


Yusrina Hanim MY

reena_azahar@yahoo.com | 2016-11-25 19:59:02

Hello Narasindo...

This is the second time I came for vacation to Medan with a friend. Although in the last 3 months we have come here, but we chose to come here again to spend time over the weekend to relax and shop here.
Within 2 days 1 night, we still continue to use the services provided by the Narasindo Tour. Booking the same hotel as before and hire transport to help us to go anywhere we want to. Thanks to Mr. James, who has been managing our reservations, and provide excellent service. He is also coming to see us and treat us so nice and friendly.
I've also been promoting Narasindo Tour to friends who are planning for a vacation to Medan. In fact, I also intend to continue to use the services provided by Narasindo Tour for our vacation to other places in Indonesia.
Thanks again and again...

Membeli mukena di kota Medan,
Singgah sebentar di Istana Deli;
Adik bukan abang pun bukan,
Hati terkenang kerana budi..

Mencari batik di Pasar Ikan,
Buah salak pula lupa dibeli;
Biar pun jauh di seberang lautan,
Takkan ku lupa datang kembali ..

Best Regards,
Yusrina Hanim MY
Seremban, Malaysia
June 2013



hamidah@wcp.net.my | 2016-11-25 19:57:34

Thank you for the lovely package given by you.

We are satisfied with the service rendered by your team especially Bapak Ismail who has brought us to the history of Indonesia and the culture. We are glad we have chosen your company and hope to see you again in the near future with a different group of people.
Again, on behalf of our family, we wish to thank you for the warm hospitality and we will give high recommendation on the Trip Advisor.

Yours faithfully,
Penang – Malaysia
June 2013


Mrs. Ko

ohgeoklan@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 19:56:32


My husband and I went to North and West Sumatra with six other friends. We went through Narasindotours and were not disappointed. We have been to Vietnam and Thailand on customized tours and found that customized tours has less hassle, less rushed, more relaxed and enjoyable than going on an organized tour. They cost almost the same or it can be even cheaper. With this Sumatran trip,I went into the Internet and found that Narasindotours has good write ups and is also one of the largest tour companies. They do big tours as well as customized.
My experience is that they are very well organized. There were no hitches and what impressed me was their headquarters would phone the the driver/guide very often to find out how the trip was going and whether there were any problems. Although on booking you need to pay 30% up front, you need not worry as this company is very honest otherwise they will lose clients with any bad report. Checking into hotels were quick and the guide will make sure that everything was in order before leaving for the night. We also found the prices for the tours reasonable.
We will certainly go through them for our next Indonesian holiday.

Mrs. Ko
June 2013


Megan Ie

meganmiaie@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 19:54:27

Hi Narasindo,

I would like to thank you for your help in organizing the trip for us. It was too short but good nevertheless.
Also, Wondo has been fabulous!
Thank you all!

August 2013


Sheryl Torres-Wu

sheryl_wu@hotmail.com | 2016-11-25 19:52:43

Name: Sheryl Torres-Wu

November 2013
Eco-environtment, good to know this hotel exits

Services: Good English spoken, friendly staff

Meals: Good local fruit & juices (passion-fruit)

Very knowledgeable about Orangutans, accommodate client’s request

Friendly & patience with traffic, very good!

We enjoyed the beautiful nature of Bukit Lawang & good, trust worthy services.

Name: Sheryl
Agent; Narasindo
Driver; Doly


Raja Adley Paris Ishkandar Shah bin Raja Baharudin

ibn.baharudin@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 19:50:43

Raja Adley Paris Ishkandar Shah bin Raja Baharudin

Assalammualaikum Narasindo Tours Sumatra
Saya secara peribadi mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kerana sudi memudahkan urusan saya berlibur di Medan dan Danau Toba. Saya benar2 berpuas hati dengan layanan bapak sama Bapak Samsul kerana sudi melayani kami sekeluarga tempoh hari. Insya-Allah, kalau ada rezeki, saya sekeluarga akan ke Medan lagi.
Sekian, terima kasih

Yang Ikhlas
Raja Adley Paris Ishkandar Shah bin Raja Baharudin
February 2013


Mrs. Yusrina Hanim MY

reena_azahar@yahoo.com | 2016-11-25 19:49:21

Dear Narasindo,

Thank you for the excellent service given by the Narasindor Tour to our group during the 4 days 3 nights in Late Toba-Brastagi-Medan. Hotels that are given to us is the best in terms of customer service, food and beautiful surroundings makes us so nostalgic to go back there again.
Thank you also for providing the tour guide Mr. Rahmat Agus enough kind, responsible, funny, informative, patient and wise to make the best decisions to ensure our comfort here. Although he is still young, he appears able to manage our group very well.
Maybe next time, jika kami mahu bercuti ke Jogjakarta atau ke Surabaya bisa diuruskan oleh pihak Narasindor Tour juga kan...? Kerana kami sudah selesa & berpuas hati dengan service dari tuan... sampaikan juga salam rindu kami kepada Mr. Agus ya..
Anyway, thanks again... hopefully u'll will continue to provide the best service to all ..
Salam dari Seremban, Malaysia..

Mrs. Yusrina Hanim MY
March 2013



| 2016-11-25 19:48:17

Dear Narasindo

We have arrived safely home... and would like to thank you and Rahmad for making our holiday so enjoyable.
Even though the itinerary was a little rushed, we were delighted to have seen Brastagi, Lake Toba and Medan. We really enjoyed the trek to Mt Sibayak, and will always treasure the experience of being inside an active volcano.
Rahmad is an excellent and attentive driver. His driving was so smooth that we even fell asleep.
We understand that you managed cancel our last night's dinner in Medan, and hope that you can pass the refund monies to Rahmad, as our extra tip to him and his family.
We appreciate your efficient and friendly service, and will certainly recommend you to our friends and family. In fact, I have already passed your email to my sister, Datuk Adeline, who will be in Medan in November 2013 for her Toastmasters' Meeting.
Thanks once again for making our trip so memorable.

Do take care
May 2013


Jolanda & Edwin

Jolanda.roovers@ziggo.nl | 2016-11-25 19:46:37

Selamat Siang!

Mr. Saito San van Basten,

How are you doing? And your family? We are back in the Netherlands for weeks now, it’s cold and we get homesick for Indonesia.

Our trip was fantastic, also thanks to your good driving, laughing and green, green, green, Sawa-songs!!! Haha….

Java was also great. Very hot and a very good driver as well. But we missed you!

Maybe we can come back & you never know. We could see each other somewhere in the green, green, sawah!

Terima kasih & sampai ketemu

Jolanda & Edwin


October 2012


Nahar Nasir

nlisa3uu@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 19:45:29

Thank You Thank You Thank You again the trip was marvellous esp our tour guide Pak Ismail who has done very good job on our trip.
I 'm sure next year I will coming again to Medan/Samosir thru Narasindo Travel again and for Pak Ismail terima kasih kembali /anda adalah tour guide yang terbaik yang pernah saya temui. Thanx


Nahar Nasir
Malacca Malaysia
December 2012


Mdm Sarimah Sarif

amsar92@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 19:44:28

Dear Narasindo,
I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for your help in making my stay (with 5 others in the group) in Medan an unforgettable one.

This is our very first trip and there were so many uncertainties and many other travel tours to choose from but definitely we have made the right one by choosing Narasindo Tour.

James, you are indeed an efficient person, very quick and prompt in your reply to our queries and needs through email. Too bad didn't get to meet you in person on that day.

Thank you too for giving us a very experienced driver cum tour guide, Denny.

Special mention to Denny - his service for the 4 days he's with us is tip-top, excellent and we couldn't have ask for more. We are all very pleased with his hospitality. He's polite, kind, very accommodative and patience.

We know that one day trip to Lake Toba was not an easy one,very long and tiring but Denny was very obliging and understanding and always ready to fulfill our requests. He's also quick in suggesting places that we should go especially finding places to eat. He is like one of our family. Thank you Denny for making our trip easy, smooth, wonderful and memorable one. We will indeed request for you again in the near future.

To Narasindo Management, we hope you could reward your employers where it is duly. They deserve it for their excellent and dedicated service.

Terima Kasih semuanya dan semuga bisa ketemu lagi di kesempatan yang lain.

Warmest regards

Mdm Sarimah Sarif
December 2012



mazlinda_28@yahoo.com.my | 2016-11-25 19:42:23

26th December 2012
Narasindo Tour & Travel

Dear Sir


I would like to say that I am extremely impressed by the professional standard and personal of your employee, Mr James who has been helping me arranging a visit to Medan-Parapat –Berastagi 4D/3N.

We had the most amazing time and truly the best vacation I ever had. Our holidays trip was fantastic and unforgettable and it all happen because of our tour guide Mr Jojo and driver Pak Said +assistance Mr Malik. The travel guide and driver were indescribably talented and did such an excellence job. Our tour guide, Mr Jojo was the best!!! The guide service took excellence care of me. Finally he was friendly, personable and great to be around. He knew how to interact differently with each members of my family to engage each of them on their own terms. The guide I had in Medan was the best guide I’ve had in any country, anytime, anywhere and absolute delight. Great job Mr Jojo!!! Our guide and driver + assistance were like family till the end of our trip.

Once again many thanks for your tremendous support and please thank all your staff. I would highly recommend NARASINDO TRAVEL AND TOUR to my colleagues as their travel agency. We appreciate working with a professional.

Thank you.



Carol Hall

chall5678@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 19:39:26

I and my group of 14 from Melbourne would like to thank Narasindo Tours and you so very much for a simply wonderful trip to Nth & West Sumatra last October. My friends and I were thrilled with the organization of tour, accommodation, transport, assistance and particularly our fantastic guide Lilly and the best driver any of us have ever experienced before.

I was so proud to help show my friends what a wonderful country Sumatra is, they were amazed, we know so little here, always only hear about Jakarta and Bali. We cannot believe that our 3 weeks went without a single problem - even the weather was wonderful.

Please pass on my thanks again to everyone, do hope that maybe in the future I will go again.

Kind regards
Carol Hall - Australia
September 2012


Faustina Jovita de Costa

phantom.artiste@gmail.com | 2016-11-25 19:36:44

My group of 7 came from Singapore on August 9th 2012 and was met with a warm smile by the driver you provided us at the airport.
He was always smiling and eager to please, knowledgeable about the places on our Lake Toba/Brastagi/Medan itinerary and on time with daily pick ups and sending us back.
We are pleased and will not hesitate to recommend Narasindo Tours services.

Faustina Jovita de Costa
Market Devt Manager,
Chartwell Associates, Singapore.
August 2012


Dr Ernest Adams

e_adams@streamyx.com | 2016-11-25 19:32:21

The Manager, Narasindo Tours,

We wish to thank Isma’el for the professional way he handled our tour. He was very pleasant and provided us with good information. He was always on time and made sure we were settled in and arranged for our meals with waiters and hotel staff. He did a very good job of our tour and because of him we will recommend your company to our friends in Penang.

Yours faithfully,
Dr Ernest Adams
October 2012

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